Welcome to Spring 2018 Division A Contest!
Do you have a never-heard-of idea for a workshop on public speaking or leadership? Don't miss your chance to share it with a group of a hundred curious Toastmasters! We'll just need to know a little bit more...
Let's go!
Let's start with your full name: *

If we were to call you for a quick chat, what number could we reach you at?

Now that we're connected, let's get right to business! Are you a member of a Toastmasters club? If yes, please share the name of your tribe! *

How long have you been practicing speaking in public? (Unless you were born an expert of course!) *

As we're public speaking junkies, succinct language fascinates us. Tell us in one sentence what your workshop would be about. *

Why go through all the trouble to give this workshop? *

After all this typing, we'd love to see you! Please share a 2-minute video describing your idea. *

Thank you! We'll need a little bit of time to review all applications. You'll hear from us in the next four weeks.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, feel free to drop a message to Evelina at e.judeikyte@gmail.com.
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